My love affair with books

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
Ray Bradbury

There is not a time that I can remember being unable to read. My grandmother told me that this is because my family would always read to me. My love affair with books started in her two-flat apartment with two or three (possibly more) bookshelves double and triple stacked with books.

Books are my refuge when the world becomes too hard to bear. They allow me to escape into another person’s head; to experience the world from a new point of view. Books also allow me to experience worlds beyond my own. Books open up the possibility of magic or faster than light travel or other technology beyond what we imagine is possible today. I love being able to dive into a place I’d never be able to go otherwise, through my books.

Why do you read? When did you discover your love of books?

©K. Klein 2012



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2 responses to “My love affair with books

  1. Gretchen Schneider

    I’ve been reading longer than I can remember. Mom told me I was reading Dr. Seuss at 3 yrs. old. I’ve always had books in my life. I loved getting the mystery book bags from the library when I was really young. It was a paper grocery sack stapled closed full of children’s books to read. We went to the library every week for new books, even though it took 25 minutes by interstate to get there. I don’t remember a time in my life without books, honestly.

    • My library didn’t have mystery bags of books, but that sounds like fun! I do remember borrowing stacks and stacks of books to read. My parents would be like, do you think you can read all that before we have to return it. 🙂

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