A sustainable yoga practice

I recently moved back home from living a couple of hours downstate. I moved there to earn my masters degree; I majored in library science. A few weeks ago, my dear friend, G invited me to go to her gym and take a yoga class with her there. She had several free classes, which enabled me to go with her three weeks in a row.

I really enjoyed being able to take the yoga class with my friend. I also really liked the teacher who taught that class; she gave the classroom of beginners a lot of options for how far we each wanted to go without pushing us too far. Well, I suppose I should say without pushing me too far.

Sadly, because I am unemployed currently, I cannot afford the weekly fee to join my friend at her gym and continue taking the yoga classes. So now I am a bit of a crossroads. Where do I take my yoga practice from here?

I often have a difficult time practicing alone – I find it difficult to hold myself accountable in that respect. There is something about being in a classroom with other people, which I find motivational . I suppose at this point I am just bitching about my circumstances. I can either practice or not. I just tend to dilly dally when given the option; this week there will be a lot of that since I caught a bit of a nasty flu bug. So I wonder; where to start when I resume my weekly practice next week?

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7 responses to “A sustainable yoga practice

  1. Becca H.

    Do yoga with me at my place! ;P

  2. Maybe you and you friend could also practice together outside of her studio.

  3. Gretchen Schneider

    I loved having you join me, too. Maybe we can find a yoga tape to try at my house? I’m too new to figure out a routine on my own…

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