The sound of writing

Music is what feelings sound like.  ~Author Unknown

Oftentimes, I cannot write in absolute silence. I need background noise to help me concentrate on the page in front of me. In fact, as I type this post I am listening to classical music. My choice of background noise is usually music. I find the television too distracting; especially if it is from the other room. Many times I will put my headphones on and tune out the world.

The past couple of days have left me on a classical music kick. One of my favorite composers is Antonio Vivaldi; I’m fond of the Four Seasons. However, I have eclectic taste in music  and enjoy –classical composers of most stripes, big band and swing, popular music of most decades, and rock n’ roll in most forms.

I am always open to suggestions. I love listening to music, especially when I write. There are some who don’t understand how I can listen to music with lyrics when writing. I guess because the lyrics don’t bother me. Often I am chasing after the mood or rhythm of the music rather than paying attention to what words the singer is crooning.

Music often helps me to let go of any doubts or insecurities I am feeling; it allows me to connect to the movement of the tune. I can flow into my story and characters without any chatter from my somewhat incessantly anxious mind. The monkey-mind is distracted by the music and the rest of my brain is free to commune with the keyboard.

Do you listen to music when you work or do you find it too distracting?

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12 responses to “The sound of writing

  1. Music is a must for me! I have a playlist for every novel I’ve finished / am working on / have plans for 😀 I can’t help it, anytime I listen to new music, my brain automatically starts filtering to see if it matches with any of my characters lol. (And I LOVE Vivaldi’s Four Seasons!)

    • There are few times when I can/ need to write without music. Most of the time the music helps me. 😀 I think it is cool you find music to match your characters. I’ve never thought about it like that. You learn something new everyday.

      Also, it is always fun meeting someone else who loves the Four Seasons. Do you have a favorite? I am partial to Spring, but am also fond of Fall & Summer.

      • It depends on what I’m writing at the moment 😀 There for a long time I was stuck on Fall (it fit the mood of what I was working on), but Spring just makes me happy overall. It brings to mind Victorian tea parties on a bright summer day or something; it sounds silly, but it makes me smile! But really I love them all; there’s just such beauty in those four songs!

      • kleinwriter1686

        Yay! I love your response. I don’t think Victorian tea parties on a summer day sounds silly. Then again I grew up to write about magic and other nonsense. 😀

      • moonstonemaiden

        Ditto! I’m a proud fantasy writer who loves me some good magic 😉 (I’m also Southern, hence the sudden switch to Southern-speak lol)

      • kleinwriter1686

        Cool! 🙂

  2. Gretchen Schneider

    I love Rachmaninov. Isle of the Dead is still my favorite to write to. 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for following. This is lovely. I actually have a playlist, which I usually only listen to when I am writing. I don’t know much classical music, but I saw the movie Liberal Arts the other day, which was a great introduction to Wagner, Vivaldi, Beethoven and Mozart.

    • You’re welcome! I enjoyed your blog. 🙂 And I am glad you enjoyed this. What sort of music is on your writing playlist? I often times have rock n’ roll on mine. I have been on a classical kick lately.

      I haven’t seen that movie, but it sounds like a lot of fun. 😀

      • There’s a lovely song I discovered by a band called Aether called Orfeu Negro. Some Damien Rice (which my friends refer to as one of my depressing artists!) – I love 9 crimes at the moment. Amy Winehouse – he walks away. The Cinematic Orchestra (who I really recommend) – to build a home. Coldplay. The Whitest Boy Alive – Done with you, which has such a great opening. Lali Puna. Joss Stone. Radiohead – Reckoner, which is painfully beautiful. Sia – her early stuff as now I think she’s become a bit too commercial (sorry Sia!). Warmer Climate by Snow Patrol, which is lovely. Little People – I love Basique at the moment. Quantic.
        There’s more, but these are the ones that I thought worth mentioning today 😉
        I’m thrilled you liked my blog. My current post has brought such wonderful comments, which have really made my other writing a lot easier this week.

      • I haven’t heard of some of these artists. I shall have to check them out. 🙂

        And I’m glad the comments/ positive feedback are propelling you forward. The couple posts I read of yours were beautiful. I didn’t have time to read more, but hopefully when I have a little time I can read some of the archives. 🙂

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