Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

My blog has been accusing me of neglect, since it has been several weeks since I last updated it and now it is April 8th and the last time I updated was in the middle of March. This time the silence has not been me hiding from my feelings.

I’ve been busy in my new schedule and I’ve also been putting a lot of time and energy into my novel’s first draft. Thus far, I’ve written 88,000 words in 71.8 hours over the course of ten or eleven weeks. I’m pretty proud of myself. And I definitely see that if I did this full-time I’d have the potential to be faster than I am now when I am writing in between adult commitments in my life.

Last week, I hit a snag, but I overcame it and wrote 5k on Sunday. So overall, the writing life is treating me well. And I’m plugging away. My characters are making trouble for as we speak and doing things I never expected them to do. But if the story surprises me, then hopefully it will surprise my alpha reader brother and beta readers too. And maybe someday some readers who don’t know me personally.

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2 responses to “Drafting

  1. Hi there, yogini. I am back from my long trip and just catching up with what my favourite bloggers have been up to. It sounds like you have been productive! Well done to reach such a good target with your novel. I am just winding up to start blogging again, as well as deciding what to do with all the material I wrote while I was travelling, so a busy time ahead, but the road has left me full of energy! I hope you are well otherwise. 😉

    • Hi there Gabriela! I’m glad to hear you’re back and full of energy. I’ve found myself missing your blogs lately. 😉 Good luck figuring out what to do with all the new material. I can’t wait to read some rocking blog posts.

      I’m happy with the progress on my novel. My schedule is full-ish and spring is trying to make its way here. Although, spring doesn’t seem to want to stick. So we shall see. 😉 I’m doing ok.

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