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The icy fingers of fear crawl up my back; I shiver. Sleep won’t come.  Who is there? That shadow moved. Am I really alone? My mind knows the house it quiet and I am the only one awake, but my body is convinced I am not alone. I tense up.

I stare into the unending pool of the internet; trying to lose the feeling of those cold fingers. But chills still creep up my spine. I chase sleep down a back-alley. It eludes me; it jumped the fence. And the fear follows as I sprint away from it; I reach a dead end and find I am trapped between fear and its enforcer anxiety.

The questions start to race in my mind. Who is there? What is happening? Oh my god, am I going to die? As my mind races, my heart follows and my breathing becomes shallow. I try to slow my breathing down, but can’t really. I have to stop entirely; sleep is gone. I lost it in my pursuit. Now I curl up in a ball as fear and anxiety beat me into submission.

©K. Klein 2012


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